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January 14, 2010 4 PM - 6 PM



On January 14, 2010, IEC of Utah presented the IEC of Utah Dee Clark Industry Leadership for 2009 to Craig Taft.  The evening started with a social, old (literally old–Cleve) and new friends came together to recognize a business partner, family member, and friend.

Kevin Seeley, president, welcomed everyone and opened the business meeting.  After proceeding through the agenda, it was time to introduce the first speaker of the evening.

Jerry Taylor, recipient of the award in 2008, was our first speaker. He reminisced about the industry’s introduction of GSL Electric. Comparing it to a type of stampede, the quote went something like this, “There were horses to the east, horses to the west, horses to the south and north. GSL was entering the market and taking all the jobs.” He also remarked on his and Craig’s relationship with Dee Clark, the awards namesake.

Guy Moore, Craig’s partner in GSL for many years, was the second speaker.  Guy commented on Craig’s ability to be a forward thinker, and how they were able to secure the LDS Conference Center.  Guy had many wonderful adjectives to describe Craig; however one really stuck out:  “Late!”  Yes, Craig is perpetually late.  Those who know him have learned to work around this one “default” that Craig has.

Odine Christianson was next; his ‘roast’ included a story about moving a very large freezer, which had the audience in stitches.  Odine recanted many stores, revealing the ‘true’ distributor salesman and contractor relationship.  The two grew up together; he shared stories of their struggles and triumphs. 

Cleve Childs—well, Cleve really needs no introduction.  Speaking at the last two IEC events, he is a regular on our “circuit.” He held back nothing, letting out all the secrets. Keeping things light, however, he pointed out all the good work Craig had done for the industry.

John Taft filled in the group on the inner workings of GSL and the family. Talking about how Craig comes in around 5:45PM, ready to work, and the GSL engineering group is sneaking out the back door ready to call it a day. He talked about growing up with Craig as his mentor and pointing out many of Craig’s very generous donations to various charities.

Kevin Seeley presented the award to Craig and presented Meg, Craig’s wife, with a beautiful plant.

It was then Craig’s chance to get “even”.  He told a story about his father during World War II that bought the entire evening full circle. He also thanked the industry for all it had done for him and all the great people he had the privilege of working with over the years. 

Kevin Seeley closed the meeting in true Craig Taft form—we were 10 minutes late in doing so.



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