IEC of Utah now offers help to apprentices working for contractor members. Candidates preparing to take their Utah Journeyman License tests may participate sessions listed below.

Overview Session

The Overview session is recommended for all candidates. This class is comprised of a summary of PSI and DOPL processes, a tutorial on test-taking techniques, and a review of the candidate information bulletin. Pretests in Code and Theory will be administered to help students determine their own strengths and weaknesses and to decide which other JPP sessions will be helpful to them.

Code Review Sessions

The JPP Program offers three Code Review Sessions, covering all of the Code categories from the candidate information bulletin. In these sessions, students will be given a pretest to practice working through questions from the National Electrical Code. Instructors will review: Navigating and utilizing informational texts such as the NEC, the structure of the Code, and the calculations and processes when sizing conductors, raceways, overcurrent protection, enclosures, and determining clearances.

The Code areas from the candidate information bulletin have been grouped together as follows:

Code 1 Session—Definitions, Lighting & General, Special Conditions, and State Law Areas

Code 2 Session — Raceways, Services, Conductors & Cables, Grounding & Bonding Areas

Code 3 Session — Overcurrent, Motors & Controls, Special Occupancies and Communication Areas

Theory Review Sessions

The JPP Program provides two Theory Review Sessions, covering the five theory areas from the candidate information bulletin. Students will be given practice tests to direct them to their weaknesses in these areas. Instructors will review the UGLY’S electrical handbook in depth and work through practice problems in all categories.

The Theory areas from the candidate information bulletin have been grouped together as follows:

Theory 1 Session — Voltage, Voltage Drop, and Resistance Areas.

Theory 2 Session — Power and Current Areas.

Practical Practice Session

The Practical Practice class is awesome! This session is offered on the last Friday of every month to prepare candidates for the State Practical Exam which is held the last Saturday of each month. Students will be given tips and hints for being prepared for the practical exam, including what tools to take and suggestions for double-checking their work before allowing the proctor to examine.

The IEC training facility is equipped with boards for practicing Conduit Bending, Motor Controls, and three & four-way switching, transformer hookup practice, and parts identification practice items.