Welcome to IEC Education of Utah!

We are excited to provide you with technical instruction to go along with your on the job learning.  This is not a self-paced class.  There will be assignments and deadlines each week which you must complete.  We expect you to be professional, participate, and always do your best.  We want your learning experience to be exciting and informative.


• High School Diploma or G.E.D.

• All first year students must demonstrate competence for placement into a college math course. [Demonstrate  MATH 1010 placement by scoring 54 or higher on the algebra portion of SLCC’s mathematics college placement test, 58 or better on the COMPASS pre-algebra placement test, or provide a transcript showing a grade of C or higher in a college level math course such as SLCC Math 0990 or equivalent, or complete Math for the Trades (ELI 1470) with a grade of C or higher.  Students who have taken the ACT or SAT within the past two years may submit their math section scores to qualify them for enrollment (typical ACT 19+ or SAT 440+ will prove math competency).  The placement testing requirement may also be waived with proof of certain transfer credits.  (Please submit this information for approval prior to registration.)  After previous college transcripts have been received and evaluated by IEC Education of Utah, notification will be sent by e-mail if all or part of the testing requirement can be waived.]

• All second, third and fourth year students must provide an acceptable transcript showing proof of passing grade from an accepted IEC curriculum-based program.  (The applicant can request this from previous school).  Students who have attended another non-IEC curriculum program wishing to meet pre-requisites for first, second or third year are required to pass a placement test for each of the years.  Students must start with first year placement test and pass each subsequent test to meet the pre-requisite requirements.

• Second Semester students may register before providing proof of passing first semester competency exam; however, proof must be provided before their first deadline.


IEC Education of Utah requires the employer be an integral part of the apprentice training program.  Employer information is required for each student, and a release of information will be required of each student.  Employers will have access to their student’s attendance, assignments, and other pertinent school information.  IEC Education will contact your employer or chapter for all attendance issues and will also periodically report classroom score information to the employer.  By participating in our program, the Student agrees to have their employer be a part of their apprentice training.  If you change employers, you agree to notify IEC Education of Utah immediately in writing.  You will be permitted to complete the semester; however, continuation in the program is dependent on continued eligibility requirement.


IEC Education of Utah’s apprentice training is available in English only.  Online students’ participation and interaction with the instructor requires students to do so in English.  While this is not an English class, online students should do their best to use spell check technology and use full communication skills when participating in classroom Discussion Questions (DQ).  (In other words these are graded responses, so do not use “text-ing” abbreviations.)  Classroom students are required to communicate with the instructor in English.


Class participation whether through online discussion questions or in the classroom is intended to be a professional discussion.  Please conduct yourselves accordingly.  IEC Education will not tolerate abusive, foul, or demeaning language.  Violation of this policy will result in expulsion from the course.  Postings, submissions or other material that is deemed inappropriate will be deleted and will result in a missed assignment, absence, or expulsion from the course. Inflammatory, inappropriate or abusive language or behavior in the classroom will not be tolerated.


The State of Utah requires 144 hours of instruction each year.  This divides out to be approximately six hours each week.  Each apprentice course requires at least six hours each week.  In addition, Labs are required and there are end-of-semester tests.  Because your sponsoring employer has a vested interest in your success, they will have access to your attendance record.  IEC Education of Utah works as a partner with your employer to give you opportunity to succeed in the industry and in these courses.  Homework and attendance requirements must be met.  Online students are allowed to complete the course with up to three “missed deadlines”.  On the fourth “miss” you will receive a failing score in the class.  Students and employers will be notified of each official “missed deadline”.  Classroom students are allowed to miss three class sessions but the fourth will result in failure of the class.


In the online learning experience, holidays do not exist.  We recognize that some weeks have holidays during the week.  Students should plan accordingly.  If the holiday falls on an online deadline, then students will need to complete their work early in order to comply with the deadline.  Any schedule adjustments will be posted in the classroom announcements.  The classroom schedule will be posted at the beginning of the semester.  We will try to accommodate the major holidays as noted on the schedule.  There may be modified requirements to accommodate the holidays.


Each lesson requires the student to participate in discussions.  Online students are required to post and reply to each discussion question each week.  Input and participation is a measure of  attendance in the course and will be part of the grade.

Plagiarism defined as representing another’s work or knowledge as one’s own is not acceptable.  In the case that the instructor suspects plagiarism, evidence of the violation will be gathered and presented to the student for explanation.  Upon confirmation of violation of this policy, student will receive a fail on the assignment and will be required to appear before the chapter Apprentice & Training Committee for possible further sanctions including possible failure of the course.

Worksheet Assignments

Completion of weekly assignments is part of your grade.  Homework assignments will be completed and turned in online, as well as worksheets and other projects.  The worksheets will be graded and results will be available to the student.  The purpose for homework assignments is to reinforce the textbook reading, thus providing a solid base for future learning.  We encourage all students to make notes in the worksheets in the textbooks and write the answers in their workbooks as well as complete the online worksheets.  Students in this way will be able to study their worksheets for quizzes and tests.  This also becomes a backup if any questions arise as to the completion of the weekly assignment.

Hands-on Training opportunities (Labs)

Each semester will have lab requirements.  Refer to the announcements for lab dates and locations.  Completion of the lab material is MANDATORY.  These labs may have alternative times and alternate locations.  Students who do not complete the lab assignment will not pass the course.  If you are unable to participate in the given lab it is your responsibility to complete the alternate assignment.  If offered, lab make-up sessions will have an additional $100 fee.  Labs are for current IEC students only.  We would like to accommodate other prospective journeymen, however, our labs are reserved for current students.


There will periodic quizzes.


Tests will be 30% of the final grade.  There will be a mid-term and a final exam.  Students shall complete the midterm and the final test in order to receive a grade in the class. These tests are available online and will be timed.  Students are responsible to be sure they have adequate time to complete each part of the test.  Once the student logs in to the test, they must complete that part of the test


Each semester will have a competency exam.  Students working for Utah Contractors are required to take this exam.  Student from other chapters may be required to take this exam.  In order to be ELIGIBLE  to take the competency exam, you must have a score of 75% or better in the class.  In order to RECEIVE A GRADE and MOVE FORWARD, a 75% score or better on the test is required.  You will have two opportunities to pass this test.  Test dates will be provided to you at the beginning of the semester.  If you are unable to be at the IEC office to take the test on the designated date, you may set up a proctor.  Competency tests must be taken via proctor on or before the test date at the IEC office  Proctored competency test must be returned to IEC for correction so the 2nd test can be given by the 2nd test date listed.

Grading Policy

A recap of the grading method is as follows:

30% Participation
30% Assignments/Lab Participation
30% Tests
10% Labs

Final Grade

Final grade will be issued based on the students overall score:

A      93-100%
A-     90-92%
B+    87-89%
B      83-86%
B-     80-82%
C+    75-79%

Hardware Requirements

As a participant in IEC Education, you will be required to have access to a computer with an internet connection ON A CONSISTENT BASIS (at least six hours per week).  As with any computer, higher speed, more memory, greater hard disk space, and faster connection speed will improve your experience.  You are responsible for any hardware failure or data lost on your own computer.

• A broadband connection is recommended.
• The test platform is Windows 7. Windows Vista, Macintosh, ipad, iphone, droid, blackberry and other smart phones may yield unexpected results and should not be relied upon as the sole hardware platform.
• The computer should have internet explorer 6.0 or later.  Other browsers such as firefox, chrome, and safari may work, but are not tested.
• Monitor resolution should be at least 1024×768.
• A version of adobe reader (6.0 or above recommended).
• Students will be required to submit information, including but not limited to photos, scanned or faxed documents, or other digital files.


All Registered students shall be required to purchase the current year textbook “kit” unless other extenuating situations have been pre-approved.

Registration and Tuition

All Students shall submit at least one registration form.  Continuing student must submit a new form if they change the desired delivery method (online or classroom) or if other personal information changes, we request a new registration form.  Continuing students who pass the class are automatically registered for the next class.  Registration deadline is close of business day on the Wednesday of week 2.  (Participation after the week 1 deadline will be subject to a missed deadline).  Students not working for a Utah Contractor must be approved to register through their local IEC chapter.

A minimum of $100 payment must be received by the first night of class or before an access code will be distributed.  All tuition and fees must be paid in full in order for a student to receive credit for the class.  No transcripts will be released if a student has an unpaid balance.  Tuition payments made after payment deadline are subject to a late fee and interest. Tuition information is available through IEC Education of Utah.  Tuition arrangements must be made via the local IEC chapter.  IEC of Utah contractor students are eligible for a tuition discount. If you have questions, please contact IEC of Utah Executive Director.  Tuition payment can be made by cash, check or credit card.  Credit card payments can be made online via payment gateway.  Payments by check should be submitted to IEC Education of Utah; 7044 Commerce Park Dr.; Midvale, UT 84047.  Returned checks will incur a $30 fee.

Refund Policy

Students will have an opportunity to ask questions about the policies prior to the first deadline.   Full refund (less any credit card fees if applicable) will be given prior to the first class session or first deadline.  After the first session or deadline, the student is eligible for a partial refund as follows:  80% of the tuition will be refunded during week 1.  50% of the tuition will be refunded if requested during week 2.  No tuition will be refunded after the Sunday deadline of week 2.  A request for refund must be made in writing to the IEC Executive Director.  Any refunds will be less any credit card transaction fees if applicable.