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IEC Education of Utah announces semester dates

Semester Dates for your calendar: NOTICE NEW CLASS SECTIONS

2016 Fall Semester (August 22 through December 12)

Apprentice 1A ONLINE Apprentice 2A ONLINE
Apprentice 3A ONLINE Apprentice 4A ONLINE

Apprentice 1A CLASS – Monday Evenings.  Classes in Midvale AND in American Fork

Apprentice 2A CLASS – Tuesday OR Thursday Evening.  Classes in Midvale
Apprentice 3A CLASS – Thursday Evening.  Class in Midvale

Apprentice 4A CLASS – Wednesday Evening. Class in Midvale

2017 Spring Semester (January 9 through April 24) – Locations TBA

Apprentice 1B ONLINE Apprentice 2B ONLINE
Apprentice 3B ONLINE Apprentice 4B ONLINE

Apprentice 1B CLASS Apprentice 2B CLASS
Apprentice 3B CLASS Apprentice 4B CLASS


Apprentice 1A ONLINE (Offset)

2017 Summer Semester (Dates TBA – May – August)

Apprentice 1B ONLINE (Offset)

Please put these dates on your calendar and use us as your source for Electrical Apprentice Training.

When you are ready to register, click on For students and fill out registration materials.


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